Advanced Technology

We want to bring you the very best that dentistry has to offer.  The driving force behind technological advancement is Dr. Munar's desire to provide you with dental treatment that can be performed in a more efficient, effective, comfortable manner.  Dentistry is a rapidly advancing field;  therefore, Dr. Munar routinely invests in new technology, keeping our practice at the forefront of cutting-edge innovations to the benefit of you, our patient!

Health Technology

Digital x-rays - our innovative system gives us an image instantly, which allows faster, results that are more accurate, and more comfortable for our patients.  Digital radiography reduces radiation by up to 80%!

Treatment Technology

Laser dentistry - One of the greatest developments of the modern dental practice, lasers provide fast, effective and often completely painless alternatives to many traditional techniques.

Digital Photography - Dr. Munar uses a high definition digital camera to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of all our phases and types of treatment.

Digital Impressions - Avoid messy dental impressions and multiple visits.  E4D is a leader in digital impressions and in office milling.  See our Same Day Dentistry section for more information.

Porcelain Technology - Metal Free Technology has allowed Dr. Munar to treat patients esthetically with their health in mind while still providing strength for many years.

Whitening Technology - Many options for whitening have allowed patients with varying degrees of darkness and stain to be proud of their smiles!

Orthodontic Technology - Options like 6 Month Smiles allows Dr. Munar to treat patients in as little as a few months. Being a provider of Invisalign, Dr. Munar offers treatment from basic simple treatments to cases that are more complex.

Laser Periodontal Technology - Dr. Munar's  hygienists are trained in the routine use of laser disinfection during periodontal therapy appointments.

Specialized Training - Each year Dr. Munar and his team complete hours of specialized training to ensure you receive the most effective treatment in the most comfortable way.

Comfort Technology

Entertainment Technology - You can catch up on your favorite shows, or listen to music while having your dental work done.  Headphones and iPads are available at your request.

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